Thursday, 22 December 2016

Dark Internet aka Darknet/Deepweb

       Dark Internet aka Darknet/Deepweb

Most of you out there knows what Internet is and of course you will, after all it is the so called +Era Of Internet   ,as you know that on internet  there are millions of websites like social media websites ,entertainment websites,business websites and many more  but every coin has two sides which are complementary to each other i.e one cannot exist without the other.

Dark Internet also known as Darknet or Deepweb is that untouched part of internet that only a few people knows and have explored if i talk about my personal experience  i am still a newbie to this topic but i certainly have explored the darknet/deepweb for the past few months and have enough knowledge to share. now lets have a look on what this darknet really is if you are not new to computers or internet you know that every website or a internet user has a specific IP Address and via that  address anyone can be identified as a unique entity  on internet. now think of a situation , what if you are completely anonymous to everyone out there? well seems like a good thing at first but when given a good thought , it brings out that   this can be used to do illegal things like smuggling , human trafficking , child pornography etc  on the internet .

  • You will be shocked to know that the surface web i.e the web normal people like you and me uses is just the 7-9% of the total internet out there and the rest  90-93 % is the darknet.

now the question is that how someone can be anonymous on the internet ? and the answer is TOR . so what is this TOR well basically its a web browser that helps you in being anonymous on the internet . TOR i.e The Onion router uses its server in different geographical locations to give you access to the internet via an IP address that is not yours and it gives you an IP address of some other countries like America , Spain or Germany etc. 

Link to download TOR : LINK 

 Now you must be thinking that if TOR is  a web browser what is the difference between a normal web browser and  TOR web browser ? the answer is that the websites that you can acces on TOR i.e the darknet urls , you cannot access them on simple web browser like chrome or mozilla because the simple websites are like but the darknet urls or i should say the TOR links are like example.onion you can google darknet urls for a bunch of links that can be accessed only via TOR.

  • NSA and FBI have banned almost thousands of Darknet Websites that were being used in illegal activities and the famous hacktivist group ANONYMOUS has hacked and brought down bunch of child pornography websites .
  • Normal search engines like google or yahoo cannot access darknet only "ahmia search engine" a popular search engine of TOR can access it. 
Now the most Important question is  why do people use darknet ? as i have already told that  people are completely anonymous on the darknet and no rules are imposed or any protocol that is to be followed , the draknet is free from everything unlike the surface web.
mentally disturbed people brutally kill other people on "Red Rooms"  i.e a term commonly used on the darknet and it refers to a space where people kill innocent people and even animals and make videos of them and then upload that on darknet on many popular forums or other websites they even do a live video streaming of that killing and charge users a large sum of 1 bitcoin 
1 bitcoin is approximately equal to $750 and fluctuates on basis of the traffic generated and many other factors . one should strictly oppose such mentality and the reason why this is popular is because of people like us !! yes we are the ones that pay them such large amount and that too to see a live murder you will be shocked to know that these websites generate large amount to money via these kinds of forums .

Saturday, 10 December 2016


                        CICADA 3301

Given to my admittedly creepy fascination with the bizarre things around the world , its quite weird that what ever I will be telling you in this blog came to my knowledge a few months ago. The real world is not as simple as it looks like it is or maybe there a bunch of people out there who doesn't go with the mainstream , they like puzzles , riddles , doing bizarre things and a bunch of other things that aren't normal.well now I don't want to waste your time much and lets jump on the topic which still freaks me out.

 Like so many of these online mysteries, this one first came to the attention of the Internet via 4chan's paranormal board. A simple image consisting of white text on a black background appeared on the board on Jan. 4, 2012, which read as follows:

Hello. We are looking for highly intelligent individuals. To find them, we have devised a test.
There is a message hidden in this image.
Find it, and it will lead you on the road to finding us. We look forward to meeting the few that will make it all the way through.
Good luck.

These messges generally pop on every January of each year with a puzzle that has series of steps to get solved and requires excellent knowledge of poetry , cryptography & coding Many people out there believe that its a trick by NSA and CIA to hire the most Intelligent people who are Excellent in puzzle solving and who can decry-pt any messages given to them however NSA have denied this several times. So what did follow? A puzzle that could only be solved by those willing to go the distance — cracking codes, image manipulation, and even global travel to gather clues in specific locations. We don't know who is behind Cicada 3301 (an intelligence organization? A group of hackers? Someone else?), or what the end goal is (why do they need all these “highly intelligent individuals?”); furthermore, the few who have actually made it all the way through don't even know what the deal is. One person who did solve it in spoke to Fast Company in 2014 about having been given access to a dark-net site and being put to work developing something called the Cicada. 

however there has been no proof of the mystery being solved. A few pictures are out there on the Internet that can however proof that it is an International Group and not a single country based group 

 This pic displayed above has been found in different parts of the world  and has a QR code attached to it and maybe its the middle stage in which the person has to scan that code in order to get the next clue , solving these puzzles requires uttermost determination.
and the pic below was seen in US that shows the cicada 3301 famous symbol and a bunch of random letters written below the pic which in case could be the clue to the next step.

One more weird thing about cicada 3301 is that it is not available on the simple surface web but on the dark net and you have to use Tor(The onion router) in order to see the puzzles or the page of the cicada. if you know more about cicada feel free to comment out and if you have any confusion about anything mentioned above go ahead and ask!! 🌝 Have a Nice day .